Practical activities

ACTIVITY 2 – PRESS REVIEW session warm-up

Duration : 0.5 hours
Equipment :



It may sometimes be useful, for example, at the start of a workshop session, to ask participants to recall a recent news item or event that made an impression on them in order to discuss it as a group.


Starting a session with a press review is a good practical exercise of the objectives of this workshop because it uses tangible, topical examples and has numerous benefits.


Benefits of this activity:


- Encourages discussion and active participation in the workshop. Students are invited to voice their opinions current events, which bolsters participation and involvement.


- Uses the news to consolidate and apply theoretical concepts that students have already learned (reviews the definition of information, the difference between information and opinion, the need for caution regarding news sources, and the natural tendency to prefer information that is sensational and/or familiar).


- Provides insight into young people’s media habits and their relationship with information. It has been observed that social media are often their primary source of information (SnapChat and Instagram are commonly cited). This activity is a chance to encourage them to look into other sources of information that present the news differently and more in-depth, such as fact-checking sites that they can follow on social media.





  1. Students spend five minutes on their smartphones searching for a news item or event that has made an impression on them.
  2. Each student presents their item to the group.
  3. The student cites the news source. (Where did he or she first see this item?)
  4. The student explains why it is interesting to him or her.
  5. The instructor provides additional context.

The Balkan context

For this activity, refer to the ‘Fake news’ sheets in the ‘Get Informed’ section of our educational website. Teachers will find here specific examples of false information that people in the Balkans have believed and spread.