Practical activities

ACTIVITY 1 – WORD CLOUD : Discovering the media landscape

Duration : 0.5 hours
Equipment :

Whiteboard, pens or markers


In this word cloud activity, the word ‘media’ is written on the board. Students are asked to work as a group to reveal what they know about the world of media and combine their knowledge.


The activity is also a chance to present the major players of Balkan media in a clear and organised fashion while pointing out how they differ.


This activity is also a chance for instructors to take note of the media habits of the target audience (What kind of media do they use? Where do they get their news?) and tailor the workshop to their habits and preferences. Students should be encouraged to provide details or support for their responses and to give their opinions to further discussion on certain topics.





  1. Write the word ‘media’ on a visual aid and jot down the names of media outlets or types (television, radio, written press, social media) that participants come up with.
  2. Categorise the media outlets participants suggest by their type.
  3. Identify which media are public and private.
  4. Separate traditional media from social media. Most participants will be frequent users of social media (Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook) either to deliberately look for news or just to pass the time. For this reason, the question of social media’s place in the media landscape will either be brought up spontaneously by participants or by the instructor. This is a good time to introduce themes of democratisation of information on the internet and the potential for manipulation brought about by social networks. In addition, students should be reminded that social networks do not have any editors or journalists; instead of the professionals, we are the ones producing and spreading information. Caution is therefore to be encouraged since anyone and everyone can have their voice heard on social media.

The Balkan context

For this activity, refer to the ‘Independent media’ topic sheet in the ‘Get informed’ section of our educational website. Teachers will find here the main media outlets of record in the Balkan media landscape.